A run-down home or the fear of eviction causes emotional issues and affects the performance of those involved. Tzedaká Foundation helps families access dignified housing and cover the basic services.

Housing Support

Hundreds of families do not have a home or have trouble maintaining their home due to debts and poverty. This results in weakened family bonds and difficulties in obtaining and keeping a job.

Tzedaká Foundation subsidizes families’ home rentals or services that enable them to keep their home. In the case of individuals with no family, we subsidize hostels or motels.

Tzedaká Neighborhood

The Foundation’s Social Housing Program provides a home for 12 families -60 people- who live in shanty-towns. In the year 2000 we established the Tzedaká Neighborhood in Guernica, a southern part of greater Buenos Aires. The neighborhood is composed of twelve housing units inhabited by families with schoolchildren , who have the capacity to overcome difficulties.

The program was initially developed together with Jewish Southern Institutions, Brit Ajim Institution, the Architecture and Urbanism School of the University of Buenos Aires, and an anonymous donor whose support was crucial.  At a later date, the Argentinean Jewish Relief Campaign of Boston (AJRC) added its contribution.

Besides housing, every family receives assistance (transportation fares, scholarships and grants for school materials) to ensure their children’s primary and secondary education, as well as regular health controls.