The Foundation’s Work

Our mission is to protect the most vulnerable members of our community by supporting, promoting, and developing social and educational initiatives.

Our work relies on a multidisciplinary approach in order to improve people’s living conditions.

We work to ensure children and youths’ rights to grow up and get an education.

We deliver free medicines and conduct prevention campaigns

We address their material and emotional needs in order to restore their dignity.

We reach out to society at large via partnerships and networking.

Tzedaká means Justice and Solidarity. It restores everybody’s right to live a dignified life.

We provide

Food aid to ensure every family has their basic food needs covered.

We strive to

Ensure vulnerable youths can complete their education, and we provide them with training and support to help them enter the workforce.

We develop

Healthcare and nutrition programs, as well as cultural initiatives, for children and youths.

We build and support

The Tzedaká neighborhood, and we provide subsidies for rentals or services to ensure housing for vulnerable families.

We deliver

Free medicines to chronic disease patients throughout all across the country, as well as to social organizations and hospitals. We carry out preventionve campaigns.

We improve

The life quality forof the elderly and for the Holocaust Survivors, by providing them with food, medicines, caregivers and social integration programs.

We enhance

Our work by partnering with the national, provincial and city governments, businesses and organizations, inby regularly donating clothes and medicines to hospitals and NGOs regularly.

We share

The responsibility of assistingserving the vulnerable population alongside 600 volunteers.