We work with a multidisciplinary approach to improve living conditions.

We seek to guarantee the right to grow and train children and youth.

We distribute free medicines and carry out preventive campaigns.

We attend to your material and emotional needs to restore your dignity.

We reach the whole of society through alliances and networking.

More than 1000 Families receive help!

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Your help is very important!

Do you have things that you do not use anymore?

How to help

There are many ways to integrate into this solidarity framework that is the Tzedaká Foundation. I chose yours, and it began to be part of the task of producing real changes in the living conditions of those who live in situations of risk and vulnerability.

As a donor

Your donation is essential for thousands of people. For your convenience, we offer you different options to make your solidarity gesture easy.

As a volunteer

The task of the Foundation would be impossible to do without the support of hundreds of volunteers who offer their time and talent.

As a Godfather

Hundreds of boys from all over the country need help to guarantee their right to study. As a sponsor you can give them a different opportunity to their lives.

As a Sponsor

Companies play an essential role in the inclusion of vulnerable sectors. Supporting our events or developing CSR actions can be part of Tzedaka.

Thousands of people need your help!
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