Fundación Tzedaká’s work relies on efficient budget administration and procedure transparency. To secure these two cornerstones, the Foundation features an Internal Audit area that ensures its compliance with optimal transparency and reliability standards for nonprofits, including sound administrative circuits and complete abidance to current legal and professional norms applicable to the Foundation’s operations.

Additionally, periodical Reports are sent to donors, partner institutions, volunteers and the public in general, describing the Foundation’s endeavors and fund allocation practices. Similarly, the Foundation’s balance sheets and reports are available on this website.

Our Foundation also resorts to external audits carried out by Price Waterhouse Cooper.


Values shown in %

  • Local donations
  • International donations
  • Special donations
  • Medicine donations
  • Claims Conference
  • Public and specific contributions

Fund Allocation

Fundación Tzedaká devotes 82% to its Social Programs

Values shown in %

  • Social Programs
  • Fundraising
  • Administration and systems

Social Investment Allocation

Values shown in %

  • Tzedaká Comprehensive Assistance
  • Tzedaká Health
  • Tzedaká Volunteers
  • Tzedaká Education
  • Tzedaká and Society
  • Tzedaká Shoa Survivors