Because their current situation harshly limits their future possibilities, children are the most vulnerable group under the poverty line.

As a result of scarce financial, social, psychological and cultural resources children are nutritionally at risk and have learning disabilities that foreshadow an early dropping out from school.

Tzedaká Works with children whose families receive assistance, providing guidance and tools to improve their present and their future.

Cultural Stimuli Program

This program seeks to provide children and teenagers with the opportunity of enjoying cultural and recreational events while at the same time fostering social interaction.

Thanks to this program, children from vulnerable families have participated in games, gone to the movies, to plays and music shows, besides having received books and games specially created for them.

Initially created to provide protection for children under 7 years old, the program has evolved and spread, currently catering for children and youths under 18.

Vacation Activities

Children and youths between ages 2 and 17 participate in Vacation Activities, recreational outings and camping trips financed by Tzedaká Foundation, so that they can continue to learn and socialize in a safe environment when school is out.

Childhood Emergency Fund

The Childhood Emergency Fund was set up to complement the assistance given by the Foundation to beneficiary families. Its aim is to resolve urgent issues related to healthcare, education or living conditions which might affect children’s development.