Foro del Sector Social (Social Sector Forum)

Fundación Tzedaká participates in the Foro del Sector Social, a federation that gathers Civil Associations and Foundations across the country. Currently, over 200 organizations are members of this Forum—some of them are, in turn, federations and networks themselves. Counting its direct members as well as the members of participating federations and networks, this forum gathers over 3,500 organizations in Argentina.

Its goals include:

  • Acting on behalf of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in interactions with public agencies and private institutions from Argentina and abroad to benefit the nonprofit sector.
  • Disseminating and advancing public knowledge on CSOs.
  • Encouraging research studies that contribute to establishing and understanding the Social Sector and its social, cultural, and economic potential.
  • Promoting an information and cooperation system to link CSOs to government and private sectors.
  • Supporting efforts to foster volunteer work.