From June 21 to 28 we carried out our 17th National Medice Collection Campaign throughout Argentina with the slogan “Everything good you give comes back!”. An initiative to promote access to medicines for vulnerable populations throughout the country.

More than 300 schools, companies, social organizations, clubs, churches and parishes collected donations for our Community Medicine Bank and promoted the Campaign in their social networks. In addition, thousands of people donated medicines and the Campaign had great repercussions in the national media and appeared on TV, newspapers, radios and web sites.

“Medicines are currently very expensive in Argentina and health deteriorates due to the inability to buy medication. At a time when we all have to show solidarity, this Campaign is very important”, said Dr. Jorge Tartaglione in his program “Family Doctor” on Channel 9.

The Campaign ended but the Community Medicine Bank receives donations of medicines, medical supplies and money throughout the year to continue bringing medicines to vulnerable patients all over the country.


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