On June 1st we held an appreciation and strengthening breakfast with the organizations that make up the Network of Tzedaká Centers. We were supported by the presidents, directors and executive directors of the institutions that host our programs and with whom we work to build a better and more solidary future.

Javier Suez, President of Tzedaká, opened the event and Betina Rosental, Executive Director, presented the results of our joint work. Alejandro Melamed gave us a talk on networking to face the crisis.

We expressed our appreciation by presenting each institution with a piece of art especially made by Pedro Roth, artist and participant in our Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program.

Thank you: Amijai, Bialik, Club Náutico Hacoaj, Kehila Dr Herzl, ICUF Argentina, Judaica – Templo Libertad, Lamroth Hakol, Macabi, Museo del Holocausto de Buenos Aires, ORT Argentina, Scholem Aleijem, Sholem Buenos Aires, Tfilat Shalom.