In an effort to continue strengthening dialogue and cooperation ties, we met with governmental and institutional representatives.

● Eyal Sela, Ambassador of Israel to Argentina.

● Claudio Epelman, Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress and Commissioner for Interreligious Dialogue of the World Jewish Congress.

● María Migliore, Minister of Human Development and Habitat and Carmen Polledo, Undersecretary of Institutional Relations.

● Carolina Stanley, General Guardianship Advisor of the Public Guardianship Ministry of the City of Buenos Aires.

● Mónica Sucari, President of FACCMA and Mariano Schoch, Executive Director.

● Diego Aguilar, Executive Director of Fundación León Tucumán.

● Community Social Protection Network: Daniel Pomerantz, Executive Director of AMIA; Sergio Widder, Regional Director of JDC Latin America; Alejandro Altman, Development Office Director of Chabad Lubavitch Argentina; Betina Rosental, Executive Director of Fundación Tzedaká.

Javier Suez, President of Fundación Tzedaká; Betina Rosental, Executive Director and directors of our Social Programs participated in the meetings.


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