Iom Tzedaká

During the month of Elul we celebrate IOM TZEDAKÁ, a day to help others.

Iom Tzedaká is a day to help others.

This campaign is carried out in elementary and high schools with the dual purpose of raising solidarity awareness among young people and raising funds for supporting vulnerable children and youths within the framework of our programs, which ensure they will complete their education.

High school students donate an amount equivalent to a school lunch. We work with every school to have students promote the activity amongst peers and on a set day, we visit the schools with a box where students place their donations.

At elementary schools, parents, grandparents and a guest chef bake leicaj; this is later sold to school families.

These activities have expanded ith time and during the past year more than 3,000 honey puddings were sold.

A crucial element in this activity is schools’ generosity in opening their doors and allowing teachers and volunteers to participate.