Labor Inclusion Program

Labor Inclusion Program is a job counseling and training program for vulnerable young adults, which aims at ensuring completion of their secondary education and inserting them into the workforce.

The program includes counseling and training workshops to reinforce social and emotional skills as well as professional monitoring for all participants.

Participants are provided with tools to help them enter and remain in the workforce. Their training and education are academically certified and targeted at high demand jobs.

Tzedaká Foundation provides overall assistance: job training, digital literacy, job search workshops, study materials and transportation fares.

In 2014 we set up the Digital Classroom:   20 computer stations to train participants in the use of new Technologies and provide them with better job opportunities.

We also have agreements with the government of Buenos Aires City and municipal governments in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Your donation can change the fate of hundreds of young people


Youth Action – Classes

Youth Action – Classes

Youth Action –2018 Graduation Ceremony

Youth Action –2018 Graduation Ceremony