We’re celebrating our first ten years! With great joy and a festive mood that spread the solidarity around, we carried out our 10th Solidary Knitting Meeting on July 31st. Over 200 people gathered to make pompoms and knit hats, blankets, and outerwear destined to the community kitchen “Las Gemelas” in Villa Soldati, Buenos Aires. Once again, the Social Development and Habitat Ministry of the City supported us, and Macabi was kind enough to lend us the space to conduct the meeting.

Very moved, our knitters remembered their ten years of solidary knitting, sang Happy Birthday, enjoyed a live music show, and spent the afternoon crafting solidary networks. Media was present to report on this special event.

We want to thank those who participated and, in particular, the people who volunteer their time every week to help those in need. We’ve donated over 10,000 clothing items over these 10 years! Here’s to many more!