Exactly one year ago, something unthinkable for humankind began: a pandemic changed our lives as we knew them. All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, were affected by the consequences of this unusual and uncertain year. But one sector of the population was the hardest hit by this new context: the most vulnerable.

In an extremely difficult 2020, our Foundation always had a goal and a clear horizon: no one who needed it could be left behind. That’s why from day one we reinvented ourselves to be where we had to be.

In a year that we never imagined living, we put all of our energy so that no one was left unattended and everyone received food, medicine, housing assistance, education and health services at home instead of receiving them in the social assistance center.

We offered tangible help and we also accompanied the psychological needs of the families. Many had no income, were isolated, were living in overcrowded situations and they needed emotional support.

Not only did we sustain our usual social programs, we also multiplied our help and launched special programs, such as GUESHER and ITJÁ.

We are proud of what we were able to achieve and very thankful for the effort of our donors, our volunteers and our teams.

We are hopeful for 2021, but we also carry the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. We are facing this challenge in a special context: our Foundation celebrates it’s 30th anniversary of fighting poverty and helping to create a better future for the most vulnerable. We are doing this TOGETHER!

Thank you for your support.