Fundación Tzedaká’s social area, along with Proyecto Suma, organized a special training carried out by Solange Rodríguez Espínola, PhD, an investigator from UCA’s Observatorio de la Deuda Social. The investigator presented a paper entitled SUBJECTIVE UNEASE (2010-2018) SOCIAL ASYMMETRIES IN EMOTIONAL, AFFECTIONATE, AND COGNITIVE RESOURCES.

Sergio Giordana, MD, coordinator of outpatient clinics at the Hospital de Agudos Torcuato de Alvear, also took part in the meeting, and provided the public health perspective, thus joining State, Academia, and Third Sector in one place. Professionals from Jabad, Ieladeninu and Joint also participated.

The talk offered hard and soft data regarding a concern Fundación Tzedaká works with every day: the rising psychological pain of those more vulnerable, the increased feelings of loneliness, and the lack of support networks. Facing this reality, social orientation —which is central to our work— becomes more and more significant when dealing with vulnerable populations.