2022 was a year of great challenges. In a very difficult context, together we were able to ensure that help continues to reach the most vulnerable members of our community through our Comprehensive Assistance, Health, Education and Holocaust Survivors Assistance Programs.

tzedaká comprehensive assistance
  • 4,000 people received assistance, provision and support.
  • We increased food and housing assistance.
  • We opened the Tzedaká Amijai Center for assistance to families and senior citizens.
tzedaká health
  • We resumed the delivery of medicines to the Kehilot nationwide. More than 35,000 people received medication throughout the country.
  • The Preventive Health Campaigns, suspended during the pandemic, are back. A total of 844 people participated.
    o Ophthalmology: 500 participants.
    o Adolescent Health: 100 participants.
    o Women’s Health: 224 participants.
    o Dental Health: 20 participants.
tzedaká education
  • 170 elementary school students were part of our ABC program of Socio-Educational Inclusion for Children and received school assistance, counseling, health checks, school lunches, scholarships and other assistance.
  • 260 students participated in the IDEA Program of Educational Inclusion for Adolescents, which provides scholarships and support for transitioning to and completing high school.
  • 160 young people participated in the UNI Support Program for University and Tertiary Students. 10 graduated this year!
  • 360 participants in 12 training sessions in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Excel and Digital Literacy at ACCIÓN LABORAL.
tzedaká shoah survivors
  • 210 participants: 7 started this year.
  • 16 workshops: the new ones, English Conversation and Technological Exploration.
  • The Literary Workshop was featured by Diario Clarín.

We also returned to face-to-face fundraising events.

Even in such a difficult context, our donors said we are PRESENT. Our partner institutions said we are PRESENT. And our volunteers said we are PRESENT.

Thank you all!


    we remember - fotos antiguas de sobrevivientes del holocausto en su infancia