We lived a morning full of emotions in which we celebrated a year filled with activities and workshops of the Shoah Survivors Assistance Program, where the survivors and their resilience were the protagonists. Representatives from different workshops took the stage to share their experience and stories, and the Choir Workshop moved everyone by singing “I Will Resist” alongside their grandchildren.

“There is no institution like this one that cares so much for us.”

“I feel very protected by the Fundación Tzedaká.”

“Tzedaká changed my life. I am happy, I feel rejuvenated here.”

These are some of the words of the survivors that fill our hearts.

The event was also honored with the presence of ambassadors, representatives of community institutions and the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) and with the words of Javier Suez, president of the Foundation and Cecilia Glazman, former president and member of the Board. We ended the event with the magnificent performance of two exquisite lyrical singers accompanied by an orchestra singing classic movie themes.

Once again the survivors transmitted their joy for life as  we all honored their story together.