On October 19 and 20, we carried out our “We All Need a Helping Hand” campaign—a 100% online effort to help over 100 families who became vulnerable as a result of the pandemic and are now supported by Fundación Tzedaká with an international grant that comes to an end on December 31.

We set out to raise funds to ensure a year’s worth of food, housing, healthcare, and education expenses for these families, and we not only accomplished that goal but exceeded it with the help of nearly 800 donors! Their contributions enabled us to expand our support to more families, improving their future.

This campaign involved a great TEAM effort: a group of volunteers put it in motion; several influencers and celebrities disseminated the message, and our Foundation’s staff, volunteers, and even Holocaust survivors’ relatives and UNI program participants worked the phones for 36 hours.

We would like to thank everyone involved and especially underscore our gratitude to Fundación Tzedaká’s sponsors and donors, who matched the donations made during those two days, making it possible for our help to expand enormously.

Once again, we’ve proven that #WeAllNeedAHelpingHand!

We are all very grateful for and happy with the outcome! And we’re determined to continue working for the most vulnerable members in our community.