On Sunday, April 11th, we held the sixth edition of the Charity Master Class in a virtual way and we shared a morning of solidarity with hundreds of participants who joined from different parts of the country and the world. This wellness activity raised funds to help vulnerable women who support their homes and raise their children alone. We broadcasted live by streaming from the Hillel institution, that kindly gave the space. Each participant was able to join from their home, to protect each other in the context of this pandemic.

Darian “Rulo” Schijman, a famous TV presenter, hosted once again the event  and spread his optimism and cheer. After the words of  Enrique Burbinsky , Executive Director of Fundación Tzedaká, we warmed up, danced Zumba in an intense and upbeat class, relaxed doing yoga, and closed the event with a fun stand up show.

We want to thank them and everyone who participated with their support or donation, the sponsors and families who accompanied us and make the work of the Foundation possible.