Back to school with Yom Tzedaká! Fundación Tzedaká fosters solidarity awareness actions among children and at the same time raises funds to assist children and teenagers from vulnerable families within the educational framework.

Elementary school children make leicaj (honey puddings) which are then sold to families in each school. Additionally, high school students donate the money equivalent to their lunch. This year, JAG also organized a special activity for adults.

Thanks to all joined us! In this edition we had the participation of: IONA, Tarbut, Bialik de Devoto, Scholem Aleijem, Bet El, ORT Yatay, ORT Montañeses, ORT Tigre, Wolfsohn, Yeshurun Torah, Arlene Fern, Beth, Sarmiento; and the following high schools ORT Montañeses, ORT Yatay, Yeshurun Torah, Scholem Aleijem, Tarbut, Buber, Carlos Pellegrini.

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