After 3 years, we resumed our institutional event in New York,  bringing together nearly 200 people. Hosted by Mariela Dabbah and with the participation of Javier Suez – president of Fundación Tzedaká- we presented the reality of thousands of people in Argentina and our work to meet their needs.

In a warm and informal gathering, attendees had the opportunity of participating in an auction in benefit of Fundación Tzedaká. We also honored to two families for their contribution to our charitable work over the years. Recognitions were given to the Melamed family (Mariela and Gabriel, along with their daughters Tatiana, Daniela, and Maya) and to the Khafif family in memory of Moises Khafif (Z’L).

We thank everyone who participated in this charitable evening, the donors, sponsors, and all those who made it possible. Because when it comes to helping others, solidarity has no borders!If you know anyone living abroad who wants to collaborate with the Foundation’s work, please email us at [email protected]

    tzedaka en times square