Twenty-one years ago, we started building our Tzedaká Neighborhood at Guernica, a town in Buenos Aires Province. The people who dreamed and carried out this project wanted to provide families with the safety of a home, creating the conditions to better their work and social prospects as well as guaranteeing their children’s education.

In June, we handed over the deeds to these houses to the twelve families living in them. These people are now homeowners, and they are exercising their right to the dignity of having their own house. In a very moving ceremony, these families thanked Fundación Tzedaká in their own words, elaborating on the impact that it has had on their lives. Many cried happy tears as they saw their home ownership dream come true—they now have something to leave to their children: a sense of dignity.

We would like to express our gratitude for this accomplishment to all those who made it possible: our dear friends at Brit Ajim, who donated the land to build the Neighborhood; the Fiedotin family for the funds they provided for the construction project; every president who has chaired our Foundation; every member of its Board and its professional staff, who supported this endeavor over the years until this momentous occasion, and, of course, all our donors and everyone who supports Fundación Tzedaká. Without all of them, our work would not be possible.

Our Foundation is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary, and this huge achievement provides an opportunity to honor the legacy of those who came before us and to set the path to continue transforming lives in the future. We’re striving for more!

You are cordially invited to watch the video footage from the deed ceremony and listen to these families: