Fundación Tzedaká is celebrating 30 years of history in 2021. We have been working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of those who are vulnerable and live at risk, developing programs, strengthening our communities, and networking.

The context in which we are celebrating is a difficult one, but we feel that we must celebrate for every family that moves forward, every young person who graduates, every adult who gets a job, and every older adult who gets their medications. We celebrate that we are able to fulfill our mission, our commitment to social justice and that we support the right that every person has to live with dignity.

Thank you for joining us!

We want to thank all the donors, volunteers, institutions, friends, and other professionals who have been so important for our organization.

As part of the special activities that we will develop throughout the year, we want to share with you an adaptation of our logo to commemorate the 30th anniversary.