Solidarity Walk

Under the motto “Women for Women”, Fundación Tzedaká organizes its Solidarity Walk every year, calling on women of all ages to take part in a fun and healthy initiative to benefit vulnerable women who are heads of their households.

With Verónica Varano as our host, each year brings surprises such as zumba classes or a training session by Daniel Tangona, Argentina’s #1 personal trainer. Along with this event, we carry out health initiatives connected to women’s health.

Mothers, grandmothers and daughters, groups of friends, every generation walks together to support 147 breadwinner women and their children, who thanks to Tzedaká receive training and employment guidance, food assistance, housing assistance, education, and on-going support.

In recent years, the number of single-parent families headed by women increased by 20%. More than half of them have precarious jobs and 30% are unemployed. They also undergo serious housing difficulties and health conditions that they are not able to treat.

You can join us too!