On November 10th, in an afternoon bursting with emotion and joy, we presented Voices with History 3, a new edition that gathers the stories written by 25 Holocaust survivors at the Composition Workshop conducted by Fundación Tzedaká’s Assistance Program.

During this launching event, Fundación Tzedaká’s president, Javier Suez, shared the floor with two of the authors, Issac Behar and Lea Zajac-Novera, who spoke on behalf of their workshop mates, and writer Silvia Plager. The event was moderated by the Program’s head, Daniela Luber, and it drew to an end with a compelling performance by singer Marina Wilensky.

This Composition Workshop is one of the 13 foundation offerings that Holocaust survivors actively embrace. There, they have been able to narrate parts of their history that they kept bottled inside for many years. Once again, the power of words and survivors’ inspiring example come together to bear witness with their testimonials so that history does not repeat itself.

Our gratitude goes to Judaica Belgrano Community Center for providing the location for this book introduction. We also thank Silvia Plager for her presence and philosopher Santiago Kovadloff for his speech.

Check out the video footage of this event!