We organized a talk in which we spoke about UNI and Labor Inclusion Programs with 17 recent graduates of our IDEA Program of Educational Inclusion for Adolescents with the goal that after finishing school, teenagers continue studying and are trained for the workplace.

UNI is our support program for university and college students across the country. Participants receive scholarships, academic support and guidance. In addition, we provide notebooks and connectivity subsidies for those who need them and the students participate in solidarity missions in different organizations.

The objective of LABOR INCLUSION PROGRAM is to accompany people in the process of searching, insertion and reinsertion into the labor market. It offers virtual and face-to-face training, Job Training Program and Digital Classroom to use computers free of charge.

At Fundación Tzedaká we believe that education is the greatest tool for social inclusion and that’s why we encourage young people to continue their education, so that they can have a present and a future with new social and cultural horizons.

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