On Monday, March 21st, Community Amijai ‘s president, Daniel Mochon, and Fundación Tzedaká’s president, Javier Suez, reached an agreement for the opening of Tzedaká Amijai Center with the purpose of improving the quality of life of poor and vulnerable groups. This agreement reinforces a bond of friendship and collaboration between both organizations based on shared mission and values as well as a deep commitment to solidarity and networking.

Also present at the event were Rabbi Ale Avruj: Marisa Pochinki, member of Fundación Tzedaká’s Honorary Council; executive directors Adrián Mirchuk and Betina Rosental, and Rut Kamenszain, Fundación Tzedaká’s social programs director.

Tzedaká Amijai Center has joined the network consisting of 9 comprehensive assistance centers which will continue to provide aid in terms of food, housing, medicines, orientation and support to vulnerable families in our community.


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