Tzedaká was awarded twice: we received the Solidary Entrepreneur Award from the Ecumenical Social Forum for our project in which we repair and sell refurbished appliances (a joint program carried out along with the company Newsan); as well as a Communication Social Responsibility Distinction in the NGO category for the Solidary Knitters project.

The Ecumenical Social Forum awarded a prize for both Fundación Tzedaká and Electrotec, one of the productive units that were created and trained by Newsan in order to make the most of defective appliances, which are donated to Tzedaká, repaired by Electrotec and then sold by Tzedaká through its solidary business Tzédek.

This is a model program that creates jobs for people who are excluded from the labor market, reduces environmental pollution by minimizing the waste of electrical and electronic equipment, and allows the sale of products to parts of the population who otherwise would not able to acquire them, while generating funds to support Tzedaká’s social programs that in turn assist vulnerable people. It is a sustainable business and a virtuous alliance for social good.

Sustainability, solidarity and communication awards

Tzedaká was recognized in the NGO category for the 10th Meeting of Solidary Knitters, a space where hundreds of volunteers gather to knit warm clothes that are then donated to people in need. We have donated over 10,000 pieces of clothing during the last 10 years!