Thanks to their campaign “¡Ahorrá, ayudá y ganá!” (Save, help, and win!) Farmacias Central Oeste made a huge donation for our Community Bank of Medicines. This donation made possible a donation of medicines for ARS 450,000 to the hospitals of Morón, Merlo, and Ituzaingó, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Duarte Alvarenga, associate medical director of the hospital and members of the local Rotary Club received the donation for Morón. In Merlo, the Undersecretary of Health, Luis Amilivia received the donation. Both donations were delivered by Ariel Schvarztein, representative of Farmacias Central Oeste, and Fabián Furman and Daniel Korin on behalf of Fundación Tzedaká. The donation to the Ituzaingó Hospital was made within the framework of the 2019 Walk of Farmacias Central Oeste.

Thank you for joining us once again!