Alliances with Companies

Companies play a crucial role in addressing society’s problems through their Social Responsibility areas.

Social organizations are ideal partners for developing Social Responsibility policies because we have a deep knowledge of the communities with which we work and the necessary tools and structure for addressing their problems.

Alliances between companies and social organizations optimize the use of financial and human resources to solve relevant problems.

Together we created AYUDITAS, a line of adhesive bandages sold at all Farmacity stores. Revenues go directly to our Medicine Bank. Actor/Presenter Julián Weich was the face of this campaign.

Time 4 Fun is one of the main show business companies in Argentina. Through our alliance with them, we sell tickets for some of their shows. We are working to broaden the alliance in 2012. In addition, we are collaborating in the development of their corporate volunteering program.

La Rural allowed us to use their facilities free of charge for our 20th anniversary celebration, attended by over 2000 people.

We launched the Tenemos Tarea (We Have Homework) campaign in several stores in this shopping mall. The campaign raises funds for our educational programs through the sale of a “Good Job!” sticker.

The We Have Homework campaign was present in the 2013 Book Fair, in alliance with Kapelusz publishers.

Together with this company, we created a first-aid kit sold at Carrefour supermarkets. Revenues from sales are shared by Tzedaká Foundation and Ricardo Gutiérrez Children´s Hospital.

Together, we launched an initiative inviting people to buy Farmacia Central Oeste’s products from the line “50 años”.  From every item bought, $0,50 are destined to the west zone hospitals to buy medicines through the Medicine Community Bank.

Groupon, one of the largest Internet discount sales company, launched a campaign to buy medicines for Parkinson and Alzheimer patients from our Foundation.

We carried out collections at the sales points of allied firms. Buyers received a Kind Heart in exchange of a donation for our Social Programs.